The residential market is an opportunity for Pioneer to welcome you home. From high-rise apartments to garden style condos, Pioneer has developed a platform for day porter teams to maintain grounds and amenities so that residential properties look clean and attractive for both current and prospective residents. We work with each client to staff the right number of porters so that they support and compliment the efforts of onsite engineers, leasing agents and property managers.

Our team adopts the following concepts and principles to support our residential sites:

  • Hiring trained and competent day porters that communicate well and can work both independently and in teams.
  • Quality Assurance site visits to ensure expectations are met, communication is clear and projects are completed.
  • Support onsite management teams by assisting with miscellaneous projects and tasks.
  • Competitive pricing to maximize the profitability of the property.

testimonial 8

“Pioneer is an exceptional janitorial company. Their quality control program ensures that our tenants are receiving consistent and best-in-class service. Pioneer is a true partner.”

President, Foulger-Pratt Management