sustainability-green-sealGreen Seal Certified

In 2010, Pioneer achieved Green Seal (GS-42) Certification! Green Seal is a nationally accredited, science-based organization that developed a standard for Green Cleaning within Commercial and Institutional properties. From products, processes and personnel, GS-42 implements Green initiatives in every level of cleaning operations. The certification process included an initial 24-hour training, Standard Operating Procedures and a detailed onsite audit. GS-42 provides a platform upon which Pioneer can deliver more sustainable and efficient cleaning to the Washington market. For more information about Green Seal, visit


usgbcLEED Certified Projects

Pioneer managers and executives are trained and experienced in all aspects of LEED certified projects. We have teamed up with various owners and management companies to certify new projects throughout the DC area. We maximize the sustainability of our programs and systems so that no matter what level of certification is pursued we are able to contribute the maximum points possible. Sustainability also means that Pioneer is a green partner for years to come. Our team maintains all on-going monitoring and renewal requirements so that the site retains the extraordinary LEED platform.

benefits to green cleaning

Pioneer’s sustainable cleaning provides benefits to both the building as well as the business and people occupying therein. To read about the health benefits of Green Cleaning in your facility, click on the icon below: